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Neuromarketing & fruit and vegetables (July 2019)

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Which elements can improve the purchasing process in the fruit and vegetables department?

BrainSigns in collaboration with Agroter, a consulting company specializing in the marketing of fresh food products, has already conducted a study to investigate the purchasing dynamics of the fruit and vegetable category and to better understand what can help promote sales and to make it a more immersive experience. In 2016, it was the first study applied with neuromarketing techniques in Italy.

The participants, equipped with a shopping cart and a shopping list, visited some departments of a supermarket in Rome: biscuits, detergents and fruit and vegetables. During the test they wore sensors for the acquisition of the electroencephalographic signal (EEG) and for the detection of the point of sight (Eye-Tracker), then short interviews were conducted with the participants.

The use of these technologies allowed to measure the emotional’s level, cognitive involvement and focus attention of participants in different departments, and in exposure conditions of layout, packaging and presence of promoters at the entrance of the store.


Agroter, focusing on the fruit and vegetable sector, was aware of the real decrease in consumption of fruit and vegetables despite the opposite is stated on the basis of data collected from traditional research.

According to the Agroter Fruit and Vegetable Monitor, in eleven years of interviews to responsible of purchase, the perception of having increased consumption had the upper hand.  For this reason it was decided to investigate this phenomenon through neuroscientific technologies pursuing the following objectives:

  • explore the effect of the visual attention elicited by different apple’s packaging on consumer behaviour
  • understanding how different strategies of product placement on the shelves, can affect the consumer behaviour
  • study the impact of promoters outside the store

This Neuromarketing study has shown that innovative packaging, simplicity, display clarity and the element “reassurance”, determined in this case by the promoter present at the entrance of the supermarket, can do much to improve customer satisfaction.

Managers and communication experts will be able to consider these aspects of research for a future relaunch of the fruit and vegetable department.

The promotion of fruit and vegetables is certainly a challenging and very complex issue but this neuromarketing study has shown clearly that it is possible to get better. It has shown with a short experiment some key elements not detectable only with traditional analysis techniques that they take more time.

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