Dario Rossi

Neuromarketing Data Analyst

Dario Rossi BrainSigns

Dr. Dario Rossi got his Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology in 2012 at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the Master Degree in Medical Biotechnology, Bioengineering curriculum, in 2015 at the University of Rome Sapienza.

Dario Rossi BrainSigns

Since November 2015 is a Ph.D. Student in Morphogenesis and Tissue Engineering, Cellular and Tissue Biophysics curriculum, at the Anatomical, Histological, Forensic & Orthopedic Sciences Department of the University of Rome Sapienza.

In the project he evaluate the visual impact of European public service announcements against smoke, acquiring eye positions by means of Eye-Trackers.

 With the same methodologies, on behalf of Brainsigns, he evaluate the visual perception of different stimuli such as pictures, videos, real objects or different kind of environments, in particular in Neuromarketing.