BrainExpresso 1.0 & 2.0

Development of a modular system able to perform neuromarketing protocols in a user friendly way.

The first module will allow the experimenter to design and run different type of experimental protocols, depending on the client/s specific request/s. Then, recorded data related to different stimuli will be processed. Memorization, attention and interest neurometrics will be computed and used to compare different stimuli. In conclusion, a presentation containing results of the experiment will be created and delivered automatically to the client/s.

BrainSigns: Experts in measurement and processing of biosignals, to be used to define and implement neurometrics.

Duration: 2015/2016 - 2020/2021

BrainProduct: State of art biosignal amplifiers developers, in particular the liveAmp EEG device will be used within the project.