E-commerce and Brain

E-commerce and Brain: Advanced Neuromarketing Techniques applied to an online context of purchase.

Duration: 1 year - 2016

"E-commerce and Brain" project was born from a collaboration between BrainSigns and Professor Maria Vernuccio (Associate Professor of Economics and business management at the University " Sapienza" and expert in Digital Marketing) with the aim of studying the variables that go into determining the purchase decision within an E-commerce system and by the use of advanced techniques of neuromarketing.

The tools that will be used to monitor the physiological activity and browsing behavior of subjects are the following:

• The electroencephalogram
• The eye tracker
• The electrocardiogram
• Sensors for measuring the galvanic skin response
• Advanced Software for the evaluation of web usability
Questionnaires and Interview

The procedures for integrating these techniques within a web context make this approach extremely unique and valuable.