Perception Test

Perception Test - Clinical Application Perception Test - Clinical Application

Are you interested in understanding, through the most advanced neuroscientific techniques, if the solutions ( treatments , relaxation techniques and behavioral , nutritional supplements etc.) employed by your users contribute to a better perception and reaction to the environment in which they live?

The cutting-edge tools and neuroimaging techniques we use can help you evaluating the performance improvement of your users, through the employment of biometric indexes.
The analyzes BrainSigns will run through tests carried out ecological situations will return you:

  • The workload/cognitive effort level produced by your solution in the user
  • The cerebral and emotional appreciation perceived by users
  • The level of stress expressed by users following the use of the proposed solutions
  • The unconscious emotional reaction expressed by users

How We Work

EEG signal

The BrainSigns experience is evidenced by the numerous scientific articles published in the most prestigious international scientific journals. We have the confidence and appreciation of different companies of medical products and clinics.

The technologies involved are the following ones:

eeg50x50  Eyetracker  hr  gsr  interview

Thanks to the mentioned technologies and to the expertise in biometric analysis, ecological biomedical tasks development, and transportable instruments provided by our team, we will help you to get real neurophysiological measurements and valuable insights to the use of your solutions.

The only psychological scales can not always be adequate to convey precise information about the brain processes involved and emotional state elicited in response to a stimuli perception task, after the use of the solution you proposed ( treatment , dietary supplement etc.) . With the neurometric technologies we use, we are able to provide objective metrics on actual user experiences, going beyond their verbal valuations and behavioral performance.

Perception - EEG in clinical application

What you will get:

  • Recognize the emotional impact caused by the execution of an activity and / or the use of the proposed solution
  • The evaluation of cerebral effort or workload level resulting from the use of your solution
  • The conditions that require greater cognitive effort , or a negative emotional correlates and how they affect the user’s entire experience
  • To evaluate the distribution of visual attention while performing simple tasks following the use of your solution Identify key conditions revealing the cognitive and emotional effects attributable to the use of the in testing solution

Questions that could be answered:

  • How do the performance change following the use of your solution from a cognitive and emotional point of view?
  • What are the more or less challenging life situations for your users ?
  • Are there common pattern in neurophysiological responses expressed by different types of users ?
  • Beyond the behavioral performance what happens in the "black box " of your user ?
  • Is there a connection between the use of your solution and the improvement in performance?
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