In the Neuromarketing field BrainSigns is highly skilled in recording and analyzing physiological signals related to instinctive unconscious reactions to different kinds of marketing stimuli. That means providing critical info for optimal product development as well as for optimal communications or retail experiences.

In fact considering these kinds of reactions, such as emotion, gaze direction, cognitive workload, which scientists affirm may influence up to 95% of human decision-making, may strongly improve success in defining what consumer’s reaction will be beforehand, thereby reducing the risk of poor marketing investments.

In such innovative area BrainSigns already has accumulated years of experience and trust form large organizations supported by the development of tested methods and procedures based on scientific excellence, at a worldwide level.

  • The company provides reliable services providing its clients with knowledge about the deep instinctive reactions of its customers that even they themselves are unable to express, with respect to products, publicity (video/audio), web-sites, shop lay-outs or museums.
  • The company’s experience helps its clients to overcome the knowledge gap in the use of innovative methods and to overcome the difficulties in linking these with their traditional marketing research activities.  Clients are provided with presentations of the results based on scientific analysis but clearly presented with a strong business and marketing orientation. 

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