What does neuromarketing mean?

Neuromarketing can be defined as the field of study that applies neuroscience to traditional marketing and psychology (behavioural sciences), in order to understand and analyse what happens in people’s brains when they are exposed to a marketing stimulus (related to products, brand or advertising), thus having a better understanding of buying behaviour so as to optimize the relationship between supply and demand.


The consumer’s response to marketing stimuli is never just cognitive and rational: a large part of the consumers’ behaviour, in fact, is based on emotion and involves different kinds of feeling. This is the reason why recently the concepts of emotional, experiential, sensorial and relational marketing have been recognized as trends in the field of marketing.

A brand, a product or an advertisement generates emotions in a consumer - whose decisions, choices and motivations always have a strong emotional component. The study of emotions, generated and controlled by an area of the brain called the limbic system, and the knowledge of how they work, is crucial to understand their value within the marketing and communication processes.

BrainSigns, as far as concerns the Neuromarketing field, measures, records and analyses signals related to the physiological response of the brain – as well as other organs - to specific communication stimuli and in diverse market contexts. These measures evaluate implicit reactions, that are usually not expressed on a rational level, but are very influential in determining our daily behaviour. Scientists tell us that these reactions affect up to 95% of the results of our decision-making processes, thus measuring them means greatly improving the ability to fully understand the target of any commercial offer, in order to sell products more successfully (neuroselling) and reduce the risk of bad investments.


The studies based on this type of measures integrate the results of traditional market research, by detecting dimensions that would be difficult to identify through conventional methods (such as using questionnaires or carrying out psychological interviews). BrainSigns, onn the other hand, employs advanced instruments that are able to detect even small variations in the magnetic fields produced by electrical activity generated by the neurons in different areas of the brain(e.g. the Brodmann areas). With methods based on Electroencephalography (EEG), Heartbeat (ECG, HR), Skin sweating (GSR), Eye tracking, Psychometric tests it is possible to derive indicators such as emotion, gaze direction, cognitive workload, interest, attention, memorization, the level of persuasion with respect to a specific concept. This is a real innovation in various fields of study:

  • Evaluation of advertising efficacy
  • Evaluation of political and social communication efficacy
  • Analysis of web, app and social media usability and efficacy
  • Determination of the optimal product positioning and communication in retail stores
  • Evaluation of Packaging quality
  • Product experience (Food, neuro-gastronomy and neuro-tasting)
  • Gaming Analysis
  • Price evaluation



In these areas, BrainSigns has already gained several years of experience and developed different best practises, certified by the projects carried out for many international clients - as well as Italian companies - such as TIM, Ferrovie dello Stato, BNL, Poste Italiane: Brainsigns is able to provide these companies - and many others – with advanced market researches in different contexts.

  • Being endorsed by the Sapienza University, Brainsigns has a strong link with the academic world. This guarantees high levels of excellence in the company’s methods and procedures, which are actually based on cutting-edge competences recognized by the international scientific world.
  • The experiment’s results are presented to the clients in an easy, understandable report format , which transforms the scientific language – which is often too analytical and detailed - in a suitable form to respond promptly to the needs of the company’s marketing brief.
  • A highly interdisciplinary team (marketing experts, bioengineers, psychologists) works for BrainSigns’ clients in different fields: case studies, brief interpretation, analysis of physiological signals, reports of results.

For a list of scientific papers and neuromarketing books, please visit this page.

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