Neuromarketing goes deeper beyond of what consumers say

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Performing Neuromarketing in company today means practise all the activities intended as neuromarketing strategy, plans, new products development, creativity, research, testing taking in account how neuroscience have gone deep in the knowledge of brain and decision processes and behaviours in the last 30 years.

Not always has been discovered but more light is over those mechanisms complex and not completely forgettable, shaped in each of us by nature in millennials of evolution but also influenced by our own specific experience and physiological features. Our choice indeed are related with our memories, our attention capacity, emotions we feel our past experiences that all define such a mental attitude in front of every stimuli we meet and this is most at unconscious or pre-conscious level, most not possible to tell consciously.

4 Commercials Interest VS Explicit Responses

It's exactly because this matter is today more explored with scientific methods and many related measures are available that would be a strong limit lissening consumer's opinions using only samples of interviews and focus groups. Today sure is possible analyze big data of consumers actions and also investigate their opinions and also their instinctual reactions in well defined indicators in order to have a 360 degree vision of them reducing even more errors at each step of selling proposals to make evident in easy way the potential of application in marketing research this time at Certamente Italian Neuromarketing Days BrainSigns arranged for the visitors some neuromarketing test stations.

Two of them were for testing 1) ADV, 2) Product in terms of package and taste. The participants there have experienced the vision of 4 Commercials, or the manimpulation and the tasting of 2 Loaker chocolate sweets, dressing sensors recordins their brain and biometric physiological activity by EEG, HR and GSR signals. Indicators about interests and emotions have been measured and also a pleasantness vote aout each stimuli has been requested.

Chocoltes Interest VS Explicit Responses

The added value of neuromarketing has been evident also at such simple level.

  • In the case of commercials their ranking evaluated by interest and also by the votes has been coherent but for CocaCola Ads the average level of interest has been very lower respect to others while in the declared votes it has been masked and the Ads votes showed CocaCola only a bit lower than the others
  • In the case of experience with Loaker chocolates something similar happened for packaging perception: the cerebral interest for the 2 products has been clearly different while almost identical has been the evaluation by declared votes.

BrainSigns CEO