Article on Focus, February 2016 “And the neuron buy”

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A Focus journalist decided to take part in a neurometric test with the BrainSigns team, to see how today’s commercials, brands and products are designed according to cerebral reactions.

“Will it be an easy or difficult experiment?” The journalist is really curious and decides to offer herself as a tester. “They tell me where to sit, three computers are propped on a table, … I sit in front of the larger monitor. A researcher tells me that they will put some electrodes on me.

They put a blue bandana around my head, with electrodes through which my brain signals will be read; two sensors are on my wrists, to measure my heart rate and one is on my index finger to measure the humidity of my skin. I focus on the black screen; at the bottom there is a dark bar and also a small screen that frames my eyes, revealing where my gaze will concentrate on the images that I will see”. In her story she seems focused almost more on the preparation than on what happens afterwards, during the viewing of two short videos: a 30 secs. commercial of Alfa Romeo “Giulietta” and one for attention testing.The researchers have explained to her that the sensors allow them to study the instinctive impact of a commercial or image, such as the details of a new logo as TelecomItalia did with their new TIM Logo.

Focus di Febbraio

What is measured here has a very important impact. In fact, as professor Babiloni, head of the BrainSigns team, explained, a large part of our decisions take form, whilst our emotions are playing a fundamental role. If an advertising stimulus triggers an emotion, this contributes to encouraging the purchase and reinforces memory. People, if interviewed are not aware of any of these factors. It’s clear that nowadays all this is not impossible, and that new frontiers are being opened and thanks to techniques such as this: the advertising of the future will take the reactions of our brain more and more into account.


Head of NeuroMarketing Research