Neuromarketing contribution in the new TIM logo choice

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The innovative approach adopted by the BrainSigns group coordinated by prof. Fabio Babiloni, deals with an integrated system of neuromarketing techniques  to explore the perceptions that people have on marketing stimuli, including the logo that represents one of the first points of contact between the brand and the consumer.

Neuromarketing contribution in the new TIM logo choice imag2

These methods also have been applied in the rebranding of Telecom Italy and TIM by the leader team led by Carlotta Ventura Head of Brand Strategy & Media and Stella Romagnoli Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing Research. On the italian magazine "Prima Comunicazione", in February, they  are cited as "Women of Change", who led the team leader in the rebranding operation.

The article also has a page dedicated to an interview with Fabio Babiloni, about the specific contribution of BrainSigns with neuromarketing techniques "The ad: I can see it in thought".


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