BrainSigns for a Neuroaesthetics research at MAXXI- National Museum of XXI Century Arts

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BrainSigns together with Numero Cromatico, a collective of artists and neuroscientists, is conducting a new research of Neuroaesthetics within the exhibition "SUPERSTIMOLO" at MAXXI- National Museum of XXI Century Arts until 8 May 2022.

Inside the museum, a project room has been created to show the public a particular approach to artistic research. The objective is to create an immersive and introspective space, an environment built to trigger an intense reaction in the user and to outline a new way of coexistence between human beings, artificial intelligences and apparently opposing elements, trying to unravel the idea of distance and diversity.

The research seeks to corrobate the hypothesis that art itself can be defined as something that activates the visitor in more complex and diversified ways with respect to the normal. The project will investigate the emotional and cognitive response of users during the viewing of artworks. Visitors' instinctive responses have already been recorded in collaboration with BrainSigns using the Revive headset, winner of the 2021 ADI Design Index Innovation Award.


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