BrainSigns on RAI 3 in the TV programme Generazione Bellezza

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The study on Michelangelo's Moses, conducted by our team, was reported during the TV programme 'Generazione Bellezza' on RAI 3, in the episode of 14 April 2023.

The Mindtooth system, developed by our start-up as part of a European Horizon 2020 project, was used to detect the emotions and interest aroused by viewing the sculpture.

The easily wearable device is able to measure how our brain and body react when we are in front of works of art.

The results showed that it is not enough to be in front of the sculpture, but, to maximise emotion and interest, one has to look at it from a well-defined point: the one from where the eyes and the intense gaze of Moses meet, i.e. in the lateral position to the statue. Instead, in the frontal viewing position, where the Moses' gaze does not directly meet that of the visitors, the measured emotion is significantly lower.


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